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Matchup/Diary Game # 149 vs. Brewers


Chris Capuano   Wandy Rodriguez
17 - 9, 3.55    9 - 8, 5.71

The idea of the sweep against Milwaukee today is a beguiling one, but if it is to be done, it will be done against the league's second-winningest lefty.

Chris Capuano has got to be the pitcher that has most flown under the radar this year. He hasn't had front page stories on ESPN, he doesn't do commercials. He's just won 17 games. If he can beat the Astros today and win out, he will win 20 games, and that'll be the first time a Brewer has won 20 games since the club was in that other league, the stupid one with the DH.

And the Brewers and their fans remain deadly serious about having a .500 season. So Milwaukee certainly has as much incentive to win this one as the Astros do, if not more.

Wandy Rodriguez will be taking his fourth crack at ten victories, and the Astros are just looking to at least maintain the equilibrium with a Phillies club that is suddenly red hot.

Rodriguez, of course, surprisingly took home his first career victory May 28, when he was faced up against Ben Sheets. Rodriguez gave up four over six, but Sheets--just off the DL--gave up four over 5. And our bullpen was better.

Capuano lost to Andy Pettite the following day, giving up both runs in the Astros' 2 - 1 victory.

Wandy Power! ™