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Game Hero, 78 - 68

Andy Pettitte
  • W, 16 - 9
  • 8 IP, 5H, 1R
  • Game Score of 72--third time in his last five starts that he's been over 70
  • 115 Pitches: 75 Strikes, 40 Balls
  • Made Good Contact, too

ESPN has an OK picture of the Gipson-Everett collision, which had everyone I'm sure from McLane through Purpura and Garner, down to me, s**tting an absolute brick:

Click for the larger version at ESPN/Starwave

With Philadelphia and Florida playing another three game set over the weekend, and both sitting a half-game back, it WILL take a series victory over the Brewers for Houston to have any chance at sitting in first place in the Mild Chard Sunday night. If the Astros can do that, though, their reward comes Monday with the opener of a series at Pittsburgh, while Florida plays in New York, and Philly travels to Atlanta.

Imagine how good things would look if we had Ensberg, or Taveras, or Burke. . . .