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Game Hero, 77 - 68

Roger Clemens
  • 6-1/3 IP, 5H, 1R
  • Lamb and Gipson had real nice games,
         but Clemens was best, and held everything together,
         early, when the game was still anybody's to win.
  • 340th career win, finally
  • Drove in a run for good measure
  • Don't forget the lineout DP he started

I'm glad to see that Clemens got the win he wanted for his mother; if you think my Game Hero is a little on the sentimental side, I may be guilty.

One win can make a big difference: things looked very dark before the game. Now things seem manageable, with Pettitte vs. Jason Vargas tomorrow, and Roy going at home Friday.

We need to get some people healthy, but the 'Stros remain players in this wild card fracas. . . .