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Matchup/Diary Game # 144


Josh Beckett   Wandy Rodriguez
13 - 8, 3.58    9 - 7, 5.80

Don't know about you, but I remain upbeat even after the lambasting conducted under the auspices of Dontrelle Willis this past evening.

While I stressed that the opportunity was certainly there for Backe, the rational mind had to figure that it would be the Cy Young candidate and 20-game winner who emerged victorious.

We actually reached base ten times against Dontrelle, and while never getting that breakthrough hit is not a point in our favor, the fact that we got to that point is.

Backe didn't do a great job,but the game only became really lopsided after he left.

Similarly, while I'm not happy that Russ Springer gave up a homer and two runs, the fact that Scott Strickland did bothers me not at all.

And mostly, things get easier from here on out.

Impossible to deny that the Marlins have the pitching matchup again tonight, but it's not nearly so lopsided. The Astros haven't been good against Beckett, and the Marlins have the highest RC27 against lefties in the league (yikes!), but Beckett hasn't been all that lately, and it is undeniably true the Marlins have never seen Wandy before.

And maybe Morgan returns.