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Game Hero 76 - 65

Craig Biggio
  • Reached base four times out of five
  • Had as much to do with Taveras scoring the first run as Luke Scott
  • 600th career double drove in two and was the biggest hit of the game according to the WPA contraption.
  • Good time to get hot, Bidge
  • 3 - 5, 2 RBI

I apologize to those who may have looked for my little game preview this evening and found it absent. Another hectic day in a series of them unfortunately kept me away from a computer with internet connectivity until tonight's game was in its late stages.

The team goes to 3 - 1 without Ensberg in the starting lineup, and we await news on Clemens and now Luke Scott. Other than of course Bagwell, the team has been injury-free for most of the year, but with the finish line in sight, injuries have become a factor, although no-one's on the DL, yet.

And what's wrong with Dan Wheeler?