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Matchup/Diary Game # 133


Aaron Harang   Roy Oswalt
9 - 11, 3.68    15 - 11, 2.94

It's the opposition of long term trends vs. the short term tonight at Minute Maid. As usual, given my general state of ill-assurance, I'm somewhat torn.

Do I lean in the direction of the obvious and the visceral, confronted by the ugly and unavoiable fact that Roy has pretty much sucked for a good month now? Or do I set myself inclined toward the subtle and more slowly developing, and quietly note that Roy has never once lost to the Reds, never, ever?

I suppose it's possible now that the arrival of Luke Scott has ignited the offensive afterburners that Roy'll give up 5, but be supported with six, and thus fulfill the crux of both trends, but more likely, one trend is gonna bite the dust this eve.

Just beats me which one.

Philadelphia has already won its matinee with the Mets, so it is certainly to be hoped that Roy and his bullpen successors can keep the numbers on the top of the linescore nice and round for a good portion of the game.

Harang is 2 - 1 against Houston this year, having given up 7 runs over twenty innings. He was the starting pitcher for the Reds May 30, when Clemens gave up two over eight only to see the bullpen give up seven runs in the ninth inning.

Harang leads Reds starters in ERA, WHIP, pitches per game, innings pitched, strikeouts, and for that matter, walks.

I'd say that I hope he has a good agent, but on second thought, I think that I can rest assured that he already in fact possesses one.