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WPA from Wednesday's Game

I'd done all that work last night that ended up going down the drain, and I felt compelled to recreate the thing this morning.

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Obviously, the infernal machine is taking issue with my selection of Game Hero last night. Don't get me wrong, Pettitte pitched masterfully, but a pitcher who throws seven innings of shutout ball is always going to lead the WPA scores, no matter what the final score.

Given last night's 10 - 0 margin, Pettitte's was not the most indispensable performance, as Zeke Astacio could've probably garnered the win.

Meanwhile the spark provided by the bottom of the lineup from Ausmus, Burke, et al WAS critical and will remain that way as we chug toward the Wacky Crapshoot finish line.

So take that, machine!

Top Five Astros
Pettitte   0.279
Lane    0.143
Everett   0.070
Berkman   0.050
Burke   0.033
Bottom Five Astros
Vizcaino 0.000
Gallo 0.000
Ausmus -0.045
Biggio -0.051
Ensberg -0.070
Top Three Reds
Kearns   0.066
Casey   0.034
Olmedo   0.007

Noting also that the trend so far is to score twice as many runs without Luke Scott in the lineup as with him . . . .:)