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Game Hero 60 - 51

Chris Burke
  • Pretty good game for someone 1 for 15 coming in
  • Reached base four times out of five: .800 OBP
  • Had the at-bat of the road trip in the eighth
  • 2H 2R

Although the massive electrical storm that struck my neighborhood shortly after Jason Lane hit his three-run shot into the first row left me unable to verify, my guess is the network types went with Lane as their player of the game.

But without Burke's extended at-bat against Scott Eyre, Jason Lane doesn't get to hit with men on base, and probably doesn't see the big fat pitch from Eyre that he does.

I gave Burke some grief in my diary for swinging at a 3 - 1 pitch with two men on that was way high and out of the zone, but nevermind: his at-bat in the eighth was twice as good as that at-bat in the fifth was bad.

In short, he didn't give up on a day when it looked like the Astros were just unable to get anything done, again. Lane, batting with the advantage, saw a fat pitch and smacked it out. Good for him. But Burke's at bat was much more important.