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Matchup/Diary Game # 108 at Diamondbacks



Wandy Rodriguez   Brad Halsey
6 - 4, 5.90   7 - 7, 3.81

Happy 43rd birthday, Roger Clemens! I tried to buy an an honorary cordial after our dinner at the Mexican restaurant around the corner, but the waiter was kind of a schmuck.

Nevertheless, my thoughts are with you on your special day! Happy 43rd!

Wandy Rodriguez brings the team's best starter's WHIP since the All-Star break to Bank One Ballpark tonight, and an excellent 2.37 ERA since Detroit, as well.

Wandy has yet to face the D-Backs, though, so all is as it usually is around here: supposition and guesswork with a fine glaze of unsupported hope.

I am therefore predicting that Wandy (and didn't you like Mark Grace's Elmer Fudd jokes last night?) will continue the Astros' mastery of the D-Backs, and unlock the broom closet for Houston as they attempt to sit their somewhat workaday asses into the Wild Card Driver's Seat.

If W-Rod can maintain that 3.25 post-All Star strikeout to walk ratio during tonight's game, he should be more than OK.

And if a Berkmanless lineup can score 7 runs on the road against a decent pitcher once, they can certainly do it again, is my thinking. Though I wouldn't complain if it turned out that Lance's virus was of the 24-hour variety.

Wandy Power™!