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Game Hero 70 - 62

Chris Burke
  • 3 - 4, 3 Runs
  • Double
  • Might have gone to Ausmus, 'cept he not only hit into a DP, he made the first out at third, so was thereby disqualified. . . .

Burke and Ausmus both (and Vizcaino and Everett) were emblematic of a savage attack upon the Reds's staff by the bottom of our order. Berkman and Ensberg didn't have great games, but the 7, 8 and 9 hitters were a combined 9 for 15 with seven runs scored.

I had literally just typed the last keystroke into the WPA software when an errant finger hit the shutdown button on my f*&^ing keyboard. . .I really wish I had that graphical breakdown for you, but man, it's 11:26 on the East Coast. . . .