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Matchup/Diary Game # 132 vs. Reds


Brandon Claussen   Andy Pettitte
9 - 8, 4.29    12 - 9, 2.60

Brandon Claussen made his only start against Houston this year the Sunday before Independence Day, and although he only gave up five singles over six innings, four runs scored under his watch, and five more scored after he left in a 9 - 0 Astros victory. Both the now-departed Joe Randa and Felipe Lopez made critical errors, and none of the runs against Claussen were in fact earned.

That game remains one of only two shutout victories by the Astros in a contest started by the Rocket.

Looks like Ausmus had two RBI singles off Claussen in that game, and that Taveras reached on two singles, coming round to score once.

Meanwhile, Ken Griffey, Jr. is 14 for 36 off Pettitte lifetime, and is slugging .556 against him. Sean Casey is 7 for 13 off Lefty, with all the safeties coming in the form of singles. Adam Dunn is 1 for 8 with a walk.

Hard to get excited about the "Comeback Player of the Year" award, as good players get hurt every year, you know?

But two leading candidates for the superficial award do face each other tonight.

This game will be the last played under the 25-man roster limit for the year; the team should welcome Raul Chavez and perhaps Charlton Jimerson along with the new month tomorrow.