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Game Hero, 69 - 62

Luke Scott
  • 2 - 4, double
  • His outfield assist in the first set the tone
  • I'm gonna go ahead and credit that spark you saw to his arrival
  • Or maybe it was a coincidence, I dunno
  • Welcome back, dude

I guess the site counter tells me that about 70 people a day are reading this blog, which ain't all that much. But the thought has occurred to me that one or two readers might be from the area around New Orleans or the Gulf Coast, as that area has always had its share of Astros fans.

If there are, and if you are one of them reading this, I'd just like to say that my thoughts are with you. Katrina was a little Category 1 storm as it passed through South Florida last week, and its effects are still being felt. When I try to imagine the consequences of a storm four times worse, my mind just boggles. . . .

To those readers not in or from the area, you might consider making a donation at the American Red Cross.