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Game Hero 58 - 48

Roger Clemens
  • W, 10 - 4
  • 7 IP, 1 ER, 4H, 1 BB
  • 8 K
  • After the Tracy homer in the first,
        it was as if he were pitching from the stretch
        and bearing down until he got the lead back.
  • No back problems apparent
  • Actually lowered his overall ERA, though the road split took a hit

I damn near gave it to Bruntlett; his catch could very well have saved Clemens from a no decision. The wins will get tougher against a Diamondbacks club that is obviously pitching well, but this game was pretty close to essential after the mess on Sunday. The Wild Card lead stretches back to 2, and of course, the more breathing room there, the better.