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Matchup/Diary Game # 130 at Dodgers

"El Jeffé"


Rogér Clemens   Jeff Weaver
11 - 6, 1.56    12 - 8, 4.41

The Astros look to take a split of their road trip, and get back home, where they were most recently so mediocre. . . .

Jeff Weaver pitched halfway decently but lost to Roy Oswalt and the Astros July 9. The telling blows were sixth inning doubles by Berkman and Lamb; them, and a wild pitch Weaver uncorked in between 'em.

Weaver's ERA at the end of that game was an unexceptional 4.41, and truth be told, he's been very consistently unexceptional since: his ERA through the rest of July and August has been 4.28, and at no point since that loss to Houston has his seasonal ERA climbed above 4.59 or below 4.34.

Weaver's control HAS been good lately. Prone to walking, oh, 2-1/2 guys per nine innings throughout his career, Weaver has walked only four over 34 this month. I guess what has gotten him are the home runs, five this month, and 27 this year, which is third worst in the NL.

Orlando Palmeiro went deep off Mr. Weaver in the July 9 contest: Berkman has done so in years past.

Palmeiro has the most RBI's off Weaver of Houston's prospective starters in today's game, with three, while Mike Lamb has the best batting average and the most at-bats at .294 over 17.

In relevant matinee action, the Cubs look like they're going to topple Florida; all the other interesting stuff starts late, with a prime time contest between the Phillies and Arizona it might be fun to sit down with.