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Matchup/Diary Game # 129 at Dodgers


Roy Oswalt   Edwin Jackson
15 - 10, 2.68    0 - 1, 5.79

We can hope that Roy Oswalt is on the rebound as he ascends the slab tonight at Chavez Ravine. The chart below kind of makes it look like he bottomed out, contradictorily enough, in his win vs. the Pirates, and that the healing has begun.

We'll see. His mound opponent tonight, I feel, is dangerous; the young Jackson not only has talent, but he's just up from the minors a single start ago, and the Astros have not seen him this year. In addition, when he did face Houston last year, he was able to notch a win while allowing two runs over five.

That's a poisonous recipe for the 'Stros, and Roy may need to mirror Pettitte's fantastic performance last night for the Astros to notch the W.

On the other hand, the Dodgers remain a mess. This is not news, but the injuries have removed key players like Gagne, Drew, Odalis Perez, Milton Bradley, and now perhaps Cesar Izturis, from their lineup. And before he went down, the always-stable Milton Bradley dropped the R-bomb into the clubhouse by claiming Jeff Kent was a racist.

Who the f*** knows, but raise your hand if you thought it was possible for Bradley and Kent to get through a season without any controversy. Get that hand down, DePodesta . . . .

I didn't catch the game, but I did catch the GameCast, and Brandon Webb was clutch as hell this afternoon when he defeated the Phillies. Lieber had a no-hitter through five, while Webb had runners all over the place, but came up with the pitches when it counted.

Thanks a lot, Brandon; I hope Houston can take advantage of the opportunity opened up by your gutsiness. . . .