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Matchup/Preview/Diary Game # 128 at Dodgers


Andy Pettitte   Derek Lowe
11 - 9, 2.67    8 - 12, 4.20

I really couldn't think of anything constructive to say about this game (and this series, really) beyond please let them win, so I started looking at some numbers, and some of 'em were pretty freaky, so I thought I'd share:

  • Last RBI by Morgan Ensberg: August 15 vs. Chicago
  • Last Extra Base Hit by Willy Taveras: August 16 vs. Chicago
  • Stolen Bases by Willy Taveras in August: 4
  • Last Home Run by Craig Biggio: July 29 vs. New York
  • Total Bases by Lance Berkman in his last seven games: 18
  • Last earned run given up by Chad Qualls: August 4 at Arizona
  • Batting Average Against for Chad Harville in August: .103
  • Batting Average Against for Roy Oswalt in August: .299
  • Brad Lidge's WHIP in August: 1.633
  • Runs scored for Roger Clemens while he was in the game in August (36.3 IP): 5
  • Last time Andy Pettitte did not have a quality start : July 6 vs. San Diego
Actually, now that I've gotten going, I can say that Derek Lowe was really lousy in his last start. I know. I was there.

Also, looks like Cesar Izturis will miss at least the opener of this series. And of course Milton Bradley was placed on the DL this last week. The Dodgers, like the Padres, have been decimated by injuries, and the Astros really need to work on their Carvillian anvil-tossing technique in regards these crippled teams we're facing.

Dodgers are hurting, and it shows: their 3.99 team RC27 for the month is even lower than their already anemic 4.42 for the year. But the Astros aren't any great shakes this month either, as we all know.

So I thought I'd break it down by position:

RC27 In August
In August
Astro Pos Dodger RC27
in August
x 6.73 Brad Ausmus C1 Dioner Navarro 5.05
x 4.17 Humberto Quintero C2 Jason Philips 2.98
5.74 Lance Berkman 1B Hee-Seop Choi 6.33 x
2.87 Craig Biggio 2B Jeff Kent 4.70 x
2.49 Adam Everett SS Oscar Robles 4.04 x
x 9.21 Morgan Ensberg 3B Olmedo Saenz 5.50
2.58 Orlando Palmeiro OF1 Ricky Ledee 9.19 x
4.79 Chris Burke OF2 Jayson Werth 5.55 x
x 6.72 Jason Lane OF3 Jose Cruz, Jr. 3.54
x 5.44 Willy Taveras OF4 Jason Repko 0.31
-0.07 Mike Lamb Util/PH Antonio Perez 4.60 x
x -0.75 Andy Pettitte P1 Derek Lowe -3.47
x 1.31 Roy Oswalt P2 Edwin Jackson -2.70
x 1.34 Roger Clemens P3 Jeff Weaver 10.65

Hey Astros: Please win.