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Matchup Game # 127 at Padres

good enough to grab the win at Petco? eminently rockable


Ezequiel Astacio   Chan Ho Park
2 - 6, 6.21    10 - 6, 6.07

Maybe the third time will be the charm for the Astros as they face Chan Ho Park.

Many things have bugged me about the Astros play this year, including Jason Lane's tossing the ball into the stands with two outs against the Rockies, Willy Taveras' inability to keep the squeeze play on despite clear instructions for him to do so against the Cardinals, and Wandy Rodriguez' recent failure to back up third on an extra base hit. But the most exasperating thing of all to this fan by far is the team's consistent inability to hit the 99th worst qualifying pitcher in ERA during two separate attempts.

Only 103 qualify, people, so Park couldn't be much worse if he tried, and even then he'd need help from Eric Milton. Park's ERA against Houston this year is 1.29, or 18.7% of what it is against everyone else. That's so anomalous, it's as if Dave Roberts were tied with Andruw Jones at 40 homers. It's like Brandon Webb leading the league in hitting. It's as if LaTroy Hawkins led the league in saves.

Park's ERA against the 'Stros is ridiculous and it's gotta change.

I don't know if Zeke'll be able to get us the win (although his best games have been on the road in big parks), but the Astros MUST, if only for their own self esteem, rock Park big time.

As Al Davis might say, Chan Ho Park must go down, and he must go down hard.