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Matchup/Diary Game # 126 at Padres

Is definitely *not* hoping someone on the 'Stros has got his back Peavy, See?


Rogér Clemens   Jake Peavy
11 - 5, 1.53    10 - 6, 3.14

Marlins and Nationals are each losing by 4+ as I write, so an opportunity will definitely exist for the Astros to improve their station in the Wicked Chile race. And with Roger going--whoever the competition--we would seem to have a decent chance of success, especially given the way we were driving the ball to the gaps yesterday.

Only problem is (and I feel as if I am offending some great council of baseball Gods in even thinking this, but . . .) i'm not sure I trust Roger.

I'm not sure I trust Roger. There, I said it louder.

It's his back that's got me worried, of course. He'd been complaining about it for three or four starts, but the thing got nasty late in his last start, and I think it just might start right back up again on him.

It's why the improved outing from Oswalt yesterday was so important: because Roger might be something of a question mark. It's also why sending Wandy to the bullpen might not be so wise. It wouldn't have helped tonight, but getting Clemens an extra day might be a good idea.