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Matchup/.Diary/Preview Game # 125 at Padres


Roy Oswalt   Woody Williams
14 - 10, 2.67    6 - 9, 5.17

Woody Williams pitched well, won, and kicked in a base hit to boot in his last appearance against the Astros. It seems like he always pitches well and kicks in a base hit against Houston.

That's why I was surprised to find out that while Woody is 5 - 2 over the last three years against the 'Stros, his ERA over that span against us is 5.26, and his batting average is only .222.

That's selective memory for you, I guess. Everyone in Houston will forever and for all time remember the game he pitched against Backe in the NLCS, but I also was thinking about this game last year where Woody was pitching and he gave up three over seven and he hit this huge double off Wade Miller, and it turns out yeah, he won and went six May 29, 2004 while hitting a double in a 10 - 3 Cardinals win.

But turns out, Williams also pitched and lost while going hitless April 12, then gave up 8 runs over 3 in September of last year. So I guess you only remember the bad parts.

Hosting the Padres back before the All-Star break kinda worried me at the time, 'cause it seemed that they were a team who could be desperate; you know: like a talented team realizing that they were throwing it all away.

Sorta like the Astros last year.

Turns out, the Pads played with no spark at all, and the Astros took three of four. I guess it bothers them not at all that they're gonna go down to the wire to win the division they should have had wrapped up by now. Although to be truthful, their injuries have been brutal, too. But how do you explain the moves they've made? Nevin was fine at third, so they bring in Randa, and he's been pretty lousy. And the player they get for Nevin is Chan Ho Park?

You hear a lot about how the Padres' hitters have adjusted to Petco after whining and moaning all last year. Well, maybe Giles and Klesko have kept their mouths shut, but the Pads still have the second worst home OPS in the league.

Which kinda makes them a good match for the team carrying the second worst road OPS:

Resistable Force vs. Moveable Object:
15th Best Home OPS Hosts 15th Best Road OPS
Padre Pos Astro Road
x .883 Miguel Olivo C1 Brad Ausmus .606 x
x .889 David Ross C2 Humberto Quintero .423
.777 Xavier Nady 1B Lance Berkman .831 x
x .780 Mark Loretta 2B Craig Biggio .640
x .675 Damian Jackson SS Adam Everett .591
.528 Joe Randa 3B Morgan Ensberg .919 x
.832 Ryan Klesko OF1 Orlando Palmeiro .960 x
x .756 Brian Giles OF2 Jason Lane .728
x .731 Dave Roberts OF3 Chris Burke .728
x .667 Eric Young OF4 Willy Taveras .549
x .712 Robert Fick Util/PH Eric Bruntlett .701
x .556 Woody Williams P1 Roy Oswalt .269
x .411 Jake Peavy P2 Roger Clemens .318 x
x .667 Chan Ho Park P3 Ezequiel Astacio .333 x