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Matchup Game # 124 vs. Brewers


Victor Santos   Andy Pettitte
4 - 11,4.21    10 - 9, 2.67

So, as the old NRA bumper sticker goes, last night's loss was no more Chad Harville's fault than garbage is the fault of flies.

Err, something like that, anyway.

What I'm trying to say is the obvious, that the offense isn't getting it done. Dierker and Brownie were optimistic last night, figuring that the 45-game slump to begin the season was broken, and so too will this one be.

My fear of course is that the 60-game hot streak which followed was the anomalous run, and that what we're seeing now is the team falling back to its natural level . . . .

Either way, the homestand ends today, and we'll finish it either 5 - 8 or 6 - 7. That's what is known in the business as a guaranteed loser.

Maybe a trip out west to Petco and Chavez Ravine will get the bats going.

And that is what is known in the business as heavy sarcasm.

With Berkman and Ensberg slumping, but Lane hot, the lineup adjustments you should make seem on the face of it ridiculous. But we've seen Garner get radical before.

It's been a week since we've seen a starting pitcher grab a win; Pettitte looks to have a decent shot. Milwaukee is 14th in the league in batting average and 12th in the league in runs scored against lefties. Carlos Lee has slugged .480 against Pettite in 27 at bats, but otherwise the Brew Crew is 3 for 16 against him. For what little it's worth, the eight Astros who might face Santos today are hitting .400 against him.

I'll actually be checking the Dodgers out today vs. our wild card competition in Florida, so it might be a little lonely around here today. . . .