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Game Hero 65 - 57

Jose Vizcaino
  • No, really.
  • 2 - 2 1 R 1 RBI
  • His seventh inning single is the most important hit the
       team has had since Ensberg's August 12
       homer in the opener of the Pirate series

Shiver me timbers, I was getting ready for the shutout loss, and somehow they pull it out behind an opportunistic if anemic attack and a surprisingly competent Ezequiel Astacio.

Combined with Washington's own anemia vs. the Mets, and most importantly, Philadelphia's horrendous effort vs. Pittsburgh, Houston has now scrambled quickly back atop the Walking Contest. I wonder if the Phillies loss tonight is a sign of things to come, an omen of their coming choke job?

Florida lurks, as well, however, and we should expect no such collapse from them. The Astros aseembled perhaps a season-saving win tonight, but it gets no easier tomorrow. Wandy vs. Ben Sheets, one-time Astrokillah, now more an Astro-annoyance.

Go 'Stros! Build on this success! Get hot! Crawl upward manfully from that dank losing pit of your own creation!