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Matchup/Diary Game # 119 vs. Cubs

Greg Maddux "Greg", like Ford Madox Ford Rhymes with "Dadgummit"


Greg Maddux   Andy Pettitte
9 - 9, 4.54    10 - 8, 2.62

Greg Maddux' seasonal ERA at the age of 39 is 154% of what it has been for his career, while Andy Pettitte's seasonal ERA at the age of 33 is 66% of what it has been for his career.

Yup, two pitchers going in opposite directions.

Actually, this year ain't that much different from last year where Maddux is concerned. Maybe you hadn't noticed, but Greg posted an ERA over 4.00 in his first year with the Cubs. I kinda missed it: every year this millennium, it seems, Maddux got off to a poor start, and scribes would ask "is this the end?" Then Maddux would regroup and finish in the top five in ERA and WHIP.

So when he sucked early last year, I thought it was more of the same. But 2004 really was a new development in Maddux' career: it was the first time that Maddux had posted an ERA that high since 1988.

I guess the adjusted ERA+ in '04 was higher than in '03, and he DID win 16 games, but never mind all that: we're seeing a pitcher on his down side, and I'm gonna revel in it.

Be that as it may, though, he beat (and outpitched) Roger Clemens back on April 29th, so I'll definitely be hoping that Greg Maddux pitches to his 2005 form this time around.

As you might imagine, Bggio has faced this Maddog creature more than any other active Astro, and has done so while compiling a .292 average. Brad Ausmus has 38 at bats with a .368 BA, and Berkman has 18 at bats with a 1.167 OPS.

As much as I'd like to see Maddux get absolutely rocked, I look for him to pitch well but lose. Chicago hits .280 against lefties, but it may be a different matter against quality lefties: Willis held 'em to one run over seven, and so did Capuano, once.