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Matchup/Diary Game # 116 vs. Pirates

Yes, a real person again. Something of a comic-book superhero


Kip Wells   Rogér Clemens
6 - 12, 4.86    11 - 4, 1.38

My, wasn't the Zach Duke Experiment a lot of fun?

But alas, it's back to ordinary, boring Pirates starters again.

Like Kip Wells, for example. Even a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary name like "Kip" doesn't keep him from being boring. His $3,175,000 salary, while certainly raising my eyebrows, doesn't make him less boring. HIS WHIP of 1.50, his ERA of 4.86, and his exactly 100 strikeouts, don't make him less boring.

I don't think the Astros can opt out of this game because of boredom, though, so I will note between yawns that Wells (not David, alas) is 1 - 0 this year against Houston with a 2.08 in two games. Going back a bit more, you do see some more encouraging numbers, however, as Kippy is 2 - 4 with 5.26 against the 'Stros over the last three seasons.

He is also expected to start despited having a ingrown fingernail or a ripped thumbnail or something. Jeez, I see he's trying to pitch through, but if Kip's fingernail is anything like Josh Beckett's blisters, this could spell real trouble for the Pirates.

112 years after the man in front of Roger Clemens on the career victory list, Tim Keefe, notched career victory number 340, and 42 years after the last man to win so many, Warren Spahn won his, Roger Clemens looks to win his very own 340th career game tonight. Willy Taveras will attempt to extend his hit streak to ten games, and the Astros also look to go a season-high 12 over.