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Game Hero 63 - 52

Jason Lane
  • 3 - 5, a double and 3 RBI
  • Third multihit game in his last four, and fourth this month
  • Eight RBI's in seven games for August
  • Only two-out RBI's for the Good Guys

Although you gotta love the clutch way in which we won, you're worried by several things, including the definitely un-clutch way we fell behind.

We left NINE men in scoring position! It wasn't that the Astros were ineffectual with the bats; after all, we had thirteen hits and scored six runs. And the culprits had OK games, so it's hard to be too searing with the critique. Biggio was 2 for 5--but left two in scoring position. Ensberg had the resucitating home run--but left two more to die on the vine. A teamwide failure to drive in men from second and third: that's worrisome to me.

As is the Castillo homer off Wheeler, who now that I think of it, didn't look so great yesterday, either.

And of course Roy Oswalt had another questionable start. Given the high standards he has set this year, it seems passing strange to watch him yield a three-run lead so quickly.

On the other hand, we score our 500th run, and pick up ground on Florida and Milwaukee. Cross your fingers and radiate hope outward into the ether for Jake Peavy and the Padres. Should they rally to beat the Phillies, the Astros will carry a full three-game lead in the Wild Card race into play tomorrow.