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Matchup/Diary Game # 133 vs. Nationals

El Caballo W-Rod


Livan Hernandez   Wandy Rodriguez
13 - 4, 3.37    6 - 5, 6.11

ESPN tells us Livan has never lost at Minute Maid and only once in Houston.


On the bright side, Chicago loses. Again.

The Cubs are good that way. No matter how bad things get with Houston, no matter how worrisome things look for the Astros, a peek over at the floundering Cubs can always make our situation look less dire.

So, hey, maybe we're gonna drop back into a tie for the Wild Card, losing our fourth in five games, but at least we haven't lost eight straight, and at least we're losing to contenders.

Whoa. Thanks, Dusty!

Wandy Power!™