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Match up/Thread Game # 84 vs. San Diego

Looking to win his third straight start
Looking to win his third straight start
Woody Williams   Wandy Rodriguez
4 - 5, 4.14 4 - 3, 6.55

It's the Woody vs. Wandy show tonight in Houston, and all kinds of subplots are going on, foremost after the Astros' opportunity to reach .500 probably being the return of Woody Williams to the scene of his greatest performance in a no-decision. Williams went 8 innings in that NLCS masterpiece, and the Pads would love to see a similar performance, if only to give them their best shot at ending a skid that has seen them lose five of seven, no small thanks to the 'Stros.

In addition to bellying up to the .500 mark, the Astros are also attempting to piece together their second five-game win streak of the season, and their first four-game sweep of any opponent since 2003. You'd probably seen how ESPN was reporting how the Astros hadn't pulled off a four-game sweep over the Friars since 1980, and hadn't done so at home since 1973.

Tonight's starting pitcher for Houston, Wandy Rodriguez, will be looking to win his fifth major league game for the 'Stros, breaking his franchise tie for wins with Don Larsen, Steve Shea, Alvin Morman, Ron Cook, John Buzhardt, Mike Williams, and Jim Bouton, moving up into a deadlock with, like, 16 others at five.

Cubs and Brewers have already lost today, although the Cubs will have another shot at Atlanta starting right about 20 minutes ago. Soon enough, if things continue to go well, the focus will begin to shift away from the Central, where second place is only a booby-prize anyway, and towards the East, where our soon-to-be Wild Card foes for the most part reside.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. . . .

Wandy Power!™