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Matchup Game # 83 vs. San Diego

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Shown facing Morgan Ensberg in August 2003
Glad he doesn't have to face Morgan Ensberg
Jake Peavy   Andy Pettitte
7 - 2, 2.89 5 - 7, 3.15

So now we're officially surging, and though I'm glad the national guys have noticed, I hope the Astros' exemplary play of late is not like everything else from ring tones to websites to nouveau cusine restaurants: that by the time the mainstream media notices, whatever it was that attracted the attention originally is all over with anyway.

With the Backe win last night, Pettitte becomes the only starter for the Astros this year still in the majors with a losing record. Pettitte tries to get to one under with a decision tonight, but his start will come against a pitcher I may have unfairly dissed in a previous rambling post. Not that I don't still think Oswalt is a better pitcher than Peavy; it's just that I think Peavy is better than most, and maybe I hadn't sounded that way, maybe it came across like I thought Peavy was lucky to be 5- 2 at the time, maybe it came across like I thought he was some kind of ham and egger.

Not the case. I'm very much aware that Peavy is striking out 10.10 per nine innings, and I'm all too cognizant of his WHIP being below one. Peavy is 3 -2 lifetime with a 2.38 against Houston, and was 1 - 1 last year against the 'Stros, giving up 4 runs and 7 hits over 4 in a loss, and 1 run and 6 hits over 5 in a win.

I guess you've seen by now that Ensberg was named player of the week for June 27th - July 3rd. Yes, he said all the right things and made the proper genuflections.

It kinda sucks, but it's hard to make the case that he should now win Player of the Month, as eleven players with at least 75 plate appearances in the month had a higher OPS than Morgan did. Hard to believe not just somebody but ten bodies were hotter than Ensberg for the month, but apparently, such is the case.

The other good news is that although we won't know for sure until after voting ends tonight at 8:00, it appears that Roy Oswalt will be the fans' selection as the Final Vote All-Star.

The best news, though, is yet to come as I write, and it would be to see Pettitte go to 6 - 7 on the season tonight, as the Astros guarantee a series win and pull within one of the .500 mark.