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Matchup Game # 81 vs. Padres

Second most wins since the All-Star break 2004
Brian Lawrence   Roy Oswalt
3 - 3, 6.86 10 - 7, 2.54

For the first time since they were swept by the Baltimore Orioles, the Astros face off against a division-leading team starting this afternoon, and like the Texas series that turned out so well, you can treat this one as a benchmark. I suppose a split would be acceptable, but anything worse puts a severe damper on the progress that the team has made over the last month.

Fortunately, San Diego comes in more than a little banged up: their nmber one catcher, Ramon Hernandez is out, and their number one first baseman, Phil Nevin, too.

Went out of my way to find a stat where the AStros as a team lead the Padres as a team, and found it in isolated power. See? our power numbers aren't that bad, at least not compared to our hitting numbers . . . .

Some Power is More Isolated Than Other Power
IsoP Padre Pos Astro IsoP
x .161 Robert Fick C1 Brad Ausmus .058
.070 Miguel Ojeda C2 Raul Chavez .076 x
x .221 Mark Sweeney 1B Lance Berkman .165
x .286 Eric Young 2B Craig Biggio .193
.043 Sean Burroughs 3B Morgan Ensberg .301 x
.151 Khalil Greene SS Adam Everett .150
.213 Brian Giles OF1 Jason Lane .241 x
x .199 Ryan Klesko OF2 Chris Burke .081
x .189 Dave Roberts OF3 Willy Taveras .078
x .239 Xavier Nady OF4 Orlando Palmeiro .176
x .117 Damian Jackson UTIL/PH Jose Vizcaino .086
.000 Brian Lawrence P1 Roy Oswalt .000
.000 Dennys Reyes P2 Brandon Backe .107 x
.000 Jake Peavy P3 Andy Pettitte .000
.000 Woody Williams P4 Wandy Rodriguez .000
.144 Padres Astros .150