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Matchup/Thread Game # 80 at Reds

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Ex-teammate of Brandon Claussen
Ex-teammate of Roger Clemens
Rogér Clemens   Brandon Claussen
6 - 3, 1.50 4 - 5, 3.97

The Astros attempt to win their fifth consecutive series overall and their second consecutive road series with their best pitcher on the mound this afternoon. Hurling for the Reds in oppostion to Roger Clemens will be Brandon Claussen, a 26-year-old lefty who also happens to be the Reds' best pitcher lately.

Although Claussen has quality starts in three of his last four (and missed the mark by only 1/3 of an inning pitched in the fourth) he is only 2 - 2 in that span, and it looks like the high-scoring Reds offense kind of abandoned him a couple times recently.

Hopefully that trend will continue as he comes in against Clemens, who if the indicators keep working, will allow a single run over 7 innings. Though Clemens continues to be the best pitcher in major league baseball, Rob Neyer's Cy Young tracker shows Clemens as it consistently has: behind such quality but still inferior hurlers as Chad Cordero, Chris Carpenter and even Roy Oswalt. A win today to put the Rocket at 7 - 3 and the Astros themselves at 4 under should help him on that particular board.