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Game Hero 56 - 47

Lance Berkman
  • 2 R, 2 RBI
  • Home run that kinda rattled around the wall in left center, there
  • 1.116 OPS in July
  • Reached base in 24 of 26 games this month

But let's also while we're here, give some credit to the rookie pitching I showed so little faith in. Bet you didn't know that Wandy and Zeke combined are 2 - 0 since the All Star break with a 2.32 ERA and more or less, a .200 Batting average against.

Earlier in the year I was comparing both these pitchers to the very worst in team history, and two days ago, I was simply taking it as a matter of course that these guys would lose the first two games of the Mets series. The improvement both have showed is extremely promising. . . .