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Matchup/Preview/Diary Game # 102 vs. Mets

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Probably doesn't think much at all about facing Ezequiel Probably thinks it's a great honor to face Pedro


Pedro Martinez   Ezequiel Astacio
12 - 3, 2.79   1 - 4, 8.24

Stranger things have happened than an Astacio win tonight, or a Wandy victory tomorrow, but methinks the Astros may be facing a two - nothing series deficit before we get that Two Best Lefties of Their Era showdown on Saturday.

The Mets did lose two of three at Colorado on their way into Houston, and the Astros do hold slight advantages in most offensive and most pitching categories since the All Star break, but quite simply, the pitching matchups are skewed greatly in their favor over the first two games.

Interesting and gratifying to note that the Astros lead the NL in ERA, OPS against, and Batting Average against since July 12th. But it is for games like these that you build a cushion. Although a win if it should by any great stretch of the imagination occur WOULD tie us with Washington.

The Mets and 'Stros are even in ribbies since the American League triumph in the Motor City, so I figured I'd break it down some. Looks like they got a pretty good outfield:

69 RBIs Total Since Detroit
RBI Post A/S Met Pos Astro RBI Post A/S
x 9 Mike Piazza C1 Brad Ausmus 2
x 6 Ramon Castro C2 Humberto Quintero 4
4 Doug Mientkiewicz 1B Mike Lamb 12 x
2 Miguel Cairo 2B Craig Biggio 5 x
x 8 Jose Reyes SS Adam Everett 1
x 10 David Wright 3B Morgan Ensberg 9
10 Carlos Beltran OF1 Lance Berkman 11 x
x 6 Cliff Floyd OF2 Jason Lane 5
x 6 Mike Cameron OF3 Willy Taveras 4
x 4 Marlon Anderson OF4 Orlando Palmeiro 1
2 Chris Woodward Util/PH Eric Bruntlett 6 x
.0 Pedro Martinez P1 Ezequiel Astacio .0
0 Kris Benson P2 Wandy Rodriguez 0
0 Tom Glavine P3 Andy Pettitte 1 x
0 Kaz Ishii P4 Roy Oswalt 1 x