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Matchup/Preview # 100 vs. Phillies


Roy Oswalt   Jon Lieber
13 - 8, 2.41   9 - 9, 4.88

So Roy Oz toes the slab this eve, and--most likely--will be facing a more worthy opponent than Andy Pettitte did last night. Pettitte came ready for a pitching duel, but problem was, somebody forgot to tell Cory Lidle. . . . .

Jon Lieber could very well be up to the challenge tonight, and give both Oswalt and the Astros a hard time. Although he didn't get the win in his last start, on July 21, Lieber was certainly troublesome for the Dodgers, as he gave up one run over 8, while walking one and striking out seven. That stellar though unfortunate outing continued Lieber's comeback from both a four-game losing streak to end June, and a line drive that cracked him across his surgically repaired elbow to begin July. Lieber has given up only two homers this month, and even better, has struck out 16 while issuing only three walks.

But Oswalt certainly knows about a good strikeout to walk ratio himself, and in fact might find himself poised to pitch an even better game against the Phillies than Pettitte did last night. Roy has given up a total of eight walks since June first, a total even better than the usually stingy Lieber, and one that, again, puts him in good stead against a Phillies team more than prepared to use the free pass to fuel its offensive arsenal.

Been a few days since Ensberg has had a big hit, since before he experimented with that bigger, wider stance Saturday night against Armas, Jr.

My guess is he's done tinkering and takes Mr. Lieber well into the Crawford Boxes at some point during the proceedings.

Root for the Astros, root for the Braves, root for the Giants, root for the Rockies. . . .