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Matchup/Diary Game # 98 at Nationals

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Wandy Rodriguez   John Patterson
5 - 4, 6.79   4 - 2, 2.69

More and more in restrospect, yesterday's game has the feel of a game the Astros should have won. So how likely is it that we get the "should have swept" today?

"W-Rod" has given up more runs in his last three as Patterson has given up hits, but Washington is, let's face it folks, really anemic. If the rules were constructed a little bit more realistically, the Nats'd be working on 3 earned runs in 27 innings against us.

And it seems as if Rodriguez' runs all come in this one big inning after he makes some kind of mistake and gets down on himself, loses his concentration. Maybe RFK will help him avoid that inning.

Either way, it's been a successful road trip, but the way we've been going, you were kind of hoping for better than merely "successful."

Wandy Power! ™