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Matchup/Diary Game # 96 at Nationals

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Rogér Clemens   Ryan Drese
7 - 4, 1.47   7 - 8, 5.47

A full 4-point advantage in ERA notched by our starter ameliorates somewhat the sinking feeling I have that after the Preston Wilson ninth inning homer last night, the Nats have somehow nabbed the momentum.

Drese is actually 3 - 2 with a 3.44 ERA while with the Nationals, having posted most of the nasty numbers while with Texas. But he also lasted only three innings while giving up five earned in his last start at Milwaukee.

Drese appears neither to rely on the strikeout, nor to be bedeviled by the walks. It's the good old fashioned extra-base hits that beat him. For example, he only walked one during the three-inning start in Milwaukee, but walked four in an eight innings of shutout ball over the Dodgers June 15. On the other hand, he has struck out twelve total in his six starts for Washington.

So pitching at RFK is gonna help him. But if anyone these days is gonna string together five straight singles, it's the offensive juggernaut (!) that is the Houston Astros.

And again, I like our starter.