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Dunn's Slot in the Lineup

Just daydreaming on the way home from work, and I was wondering where we might drop Adam Dunn in the order should a deal get made.

I'm like a naive artist--for the most part isolated from the mainstream of Astros thought, I get these weird ideas that I don't even recognize as unconventional.

 So I'm not sure whether or not my belief that you'd have to put Dunn in the three slot is in congruence with what others might think, or not.

Way I figure it, the power kind of makes you want to drop him down to four or five, but the walks and the .380-something OBP make him something of a table-setter, and tell you different.  In fact, in that regard, you're almost tempted to bat him second, because Adam's OBP is 35 points higher than Biggio's.   But if you reject that, thinking that you have to at least attempt to have someone on should he homer, it's then  the absurdly high strikeouts that clinch it.  The more often Dunn bats with runners on with no outs, the more often Berkman or Ensberg can pick him up even with a productive out.

On the other hand, a fly out and a strikeout are indistinguishable with two outs.  But no: you want him as close as possible to Taveras, because the Roadrunner is the one guy on the team who has a chance to move up on a K.

I'd be interested to hear what others might think