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Matchup Game # 94 at Pirates


Andy Pettitte   Josh Fogg
6 - 7, 2.98   4 - 5, 4.64

Obviously the games don't get less meaningful as you climb your way up the wild card standings, so today's matinee, even after yesterday's DH sweep, remains critical.

But rather than focussing on something as relevant as that, I'd like instead to recall something the Pirates broadcasters said yesterday during the first game.

Ausmus was at the plate in the eighth, and he ended up reaching on an error, but one of the Pirates guys said that, "traditionally, Ausmus has hit into some double plays for the Astros" or something similar, and I was immediately struck by the turn of phrase, and how it might be useful in the future.

No more need to refer to those game-ending twin-killings hit into by Brad in the negative; now we can simply smile and say, "it's a Houston tradition!"