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Matchup Game # 92 Doubleheader Part One at Pirates

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Hoping the Astros bats 
 are good and limber Funny, he doesn't
 look like a Snell


Ezequiel Astacio   Ian Snell
0 - 4, 9.47   0 - 0, 7.00

My, what a big win that was last night. Not "big" in the sense that the Astros had been huge underdogs or something, and certainly not "big" in the sense that the team has earned a few days off, but big, like it was a game they absolutely, positively had to have if they didn't want the offensive anemia that struck them in St. Louis to become a more general malaise.

I certainly do not expect the team to win the opener with Astacio starting, so there's a lot of pressure on Wandy Rodriguez to pitch well in the nightcap, but if you recall, the last time we were in this situation, "W-Rod" DID pitch well, and the Astros got the doubleheader split vs. the Reds that they needed.