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'How do you make God laugh?'

So asked Morgan Ensberg, when talking to a reporter about his now-ruined schedule for the All-Star break.

"Tell him your plans," Ensberg answered himself, and sure enough, fate has arranged that Ensberg won't be flying to Lake Tahoe today, but rather to Detroit, so he can participate in the 76th Major League Al-Star Game tomorrow night.

Turns out that fan choice Scott Rolen is still bothered by his shoulder, and wants to take the opportunity to rest it over the break. Although I'll often mock the fans' choices for the Midsummer Classic, I had absolutely no problem with the choice of Rolen, because of how dominant he was last year for the NL champs. And he's a good guy, you can tell even from the press release he issued where he said he hoped his withdrawal was not going to be interpreted as disrespect for the Game.

But in the end, the best third baseman in the NL this year (sorry, Aramis Ramirez) will be playing in the game.

Also, if you didn't see it, two Astros farmhands pitched well, if briefly, in yesterday's Future's Game. Fernando Nieve, pitching for the World team, gave up a hit and struck out one while retiring two batters, and Troy Patton, hurling for the good old USA, threw a full inning, striking out one without allowing anyone to reach.