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Game Hero 36 - 41

Thought about Ensberg, thought about Berkman,
thought about Ausmus, and even thought about Pettitte,
but you gotta go with. . . .

Russ Springer
  • 1-1/3 IP, 0H, 0BB, 4K: basically, perfect.
  • The one indispensable performance
  • Offense alone was not going to win this game
  • Provided the essential and stable bridge between an overtaxed Pettitte
         and the shaky relief that followed, a gap in the Reds' offense
         from which they could not recover
  • I really feel without Springer's dominant performance, the Astros lose
  • I'll say it when he stinks, but he was great tonight

Wheeler pitched well, too, but the only inning he was gonna pitch was the ninth; without Springer's performance the 'Stros would not have been leading entering that inning.