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Matchup/Thread Game # 77 (Second Try) at Reds

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Coming off two of his best starts this year
Coming off his worst start ever
Andy Pettitte   Luke Hudson
4 - 7, 3.25 1 - 2, 8.35

Thre is only a 20% chance of precipitation tonight in the Cincinnati area, so it looks good for some kind of a decison tonight.

Andy Pettitte, like the rest of the front three, pitching well, faces off against one Luke Hudson, who I'm seeing was an August callup who stuck for the Reds last year. He made the Cincinnati club out of spring training this year, but was immediately placed on the DL with a shoulder injury April 3. ESPN's site, unbelievably enough, says that Hudson has "has the best stuff of any of the Reds' starters," and that the righthander could be a 15-game winner some day, if he can stay away from arm injuries. A lot of conjecture, but it is a cold, hard fact that Hudson had a 1.33 ERA in five starts for September of 2004.

It is also a fact that Hudson gave up three homers and seven runs on 8 hits in 2-1/3 innings during his last start, June 25 at Cleveland.

Meanwhile, you know Andy Pettitte, but I bet you didn't know that in 33 career at bats against And, Ken Griffey has carried a 1.063 OPS. Or that Sean Casey has five hits in ten at bats against Pettitte.

While I have noticed that Astros fans (especially those on the ESPN message boards) enjoy constructing implausible scenarios wherein the Astros acquire Houston native and OPS gladiator Adam Dunn, it does seem to me that Reds' fans do nothing but torture themselves with the idea that the Reds organization is going to trade Mr. Dunn for a broken lawnmower and two Cadillac hubcaps.

Mostly I wanted to acknowledge the talk, but it's also weird to look in on a fandom that has no faith in its GM. While Athletics Nation is printing "In Billy We Trust" T-Shirts, The Reds Reporter is trying to make a buck on "Fire Dan O'Brien" memorabilia.

I guess the last questionable GM the Astros've had might have been Bill Wood, as he traded away Lofton, but to get a truly horrible one, I think you really need to go way back and invoke Spec Richardson.

So I guess we've been pretty lucky.