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Matchup/Game Thread

5 - 3, 4.54 3 - 5, 4.24

Gonna be some fireworks methinks at Shea this evening. 'Cause though it's important to "protect your players" when some pitcher might have gone inside without worrying too much whether or not the ball actually hit the batter, it's not important enough to put a close game in peril.

So because Pedro was smart enough to wanna win his game, at some point during the first inning, Victor Zambrano will most likely do what Martinez didn't, and throw at one of our guys.

There'll be a little brawl or maybe a big one and maybe the Astros'll be sparked into playing a good game. And people will talk about the "bad blood" that has been introduced into the Mets series.

Big deal.

Phil Garner is not gonna speak to his club about it, 'cause in the back of his mind this impending brawl might just accelerate his team into a winning streak, and lord knows he's not gonna put the kibosh on anything that might lead to that.

My one repeat visitor to my site, shows up upon occasion after Oswalt starts, God bless him or her, called Floyd a loudmouth last night, and while I wasn't there then, after sleeping on it, I'm in agreement. Just shut up, you know. This is only gonna be an issue 'coz Floyd couldn't take his base and play ball.

I don't know whether Oswalt hit Floyd on purpose--it kinda looked like it actually---but I do know that pitch wasn't hurting anyone, and besides, Roy is one of the few pitchers with the balls enough to pitch inside. And I'd be real upset to see some idiot like Cliff Floyd affect his pitching style.

Though I'm sure it won't.

But regardless of that, maybe somebody gets hurt or suspended tonight. For no real good reason, other than they have to act out this farce. . . .

Oh well, it's been a while since I hated the Mets. Maybe it's time to start again.

I'm gonna go out and get some Thai food; see how it all turned out when I get back.

Win Expectancy Graphs

Spent the day learning how to create them. Here is the one from last night.

Fun, and somewhat counterintuitive. For example, it's telling me that the Game hero last night was Biggio, not Backe or Lane or Ensberg. Hmmm. I'm gonna do another tonight.