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Draft--Astros pick Koby Clemens

I have never really followed the draft; I always figured I'll see who populates the short season and rookie league rosters two weeks following anyway. But I guess most bloggers on the SBNation are doing something with it, so I'll go ahead and post the most current picks I have available to me.

Pick Round Player/Pos School
24 One Brian Bogusevich LHP Tulane
38 One Supp. Eli Iorg OF Tennessee
72 Two Ralph Henriquez C HS
89 Two Supp. Thomas Manzella SS Tulane
104 Three Joshua Lindblom RHP HS
134 Four Joshua Flores OF Triton Col.
164 Five Wilson Hart 3B USC
194 Six Brandon Barnes LF Cypress Col.
224 Seven Timothy Johnson SS HS
254 Eight Koby Clemens 3B HS
284 Nine Jordan Meaker RHP HS
314 Ten Allen Langdon OF HS
344 Eleven Cory Lapinski RHP Illinois Wesleyan
374 Twelve Thomas Fairchild RHP Southern Maine
404 Thirteen Eric King SS Tennessee
434 Fourteen Mark Ori 1B Northwestern
464 Fifteen Eric Sheridan RHP Saddleback CC
494 Sixteen Aaron Bulkley OF Lemoyne
524 Seventeen Andrew Kroeker C Biola
554 Eighteen Brian Needham RHP HS

Other than he's pitched a couple of no-hitters, I have no idea how good a prospect Koby Clemens is gonna be, and I wonder whether Rogér had any pull there. He almost HAD to have.

I guess I like a college left hander number one, and I notice two high school righthanders, supposedly anathema, but again, I have no familiarity with this.

See you at Tri-City and Greeneville is what I say. . . .

(Second Day at "Read More")

Pick Round Player/Pos School
584 Nineteen Drew Himes RHP Illinois Wesleyan
614 Twenty Ryan Mitchell RHP HS
644 Twenty-One Scott Sarver LHP Cal State Fullerton
674 Twenty-Two Thomas Steele OF HS
704 Twenty-Three Chris Blazek LHP Vermont
734 Twenty-Four Sean Walker RHP Baylor
764 Twenty-Five Jacob Hurry LHP Coastal Carolina
794 Twenty-Six Michael Thompson 3B UC Santa Clara
824 Twenty-Seven Matthew Luca RHP UNLV
854 Twenty-Eight Eric Baker 2B Mansfield
884 Twenty-Nine James Gant RHP Mississippi St.
914 Thirty Matthew Hirsh RHP California Lutheran
944 Thirty-One Brad Stone RHP Quincy
974 Thirty-Two Cole Graham 1B Triton
1004 ThirtyThirty Reid Kelley RHP Desert Mountain (Ariz.)
1034 ThirtyFour Nathan Warrick LF UT Arlington
1064 Thirty-Five Andrew Darnell RF Chabot
1094 Thirty-Six Matt Cunningham OF UC Riverside
1124 Thirty-Seven Matthew Bishop RHP Endicott
1154 Thirty-Eight Michael Colla RHP HS
1183 Thirty-Nine Zachary Williams RHP Seminole
1212 Forty Collin Fanning CF Clarendon
1241 Forty-One Casey McCleskey CF Temple (Texas)
1270 Forty-Two Brandon Stricklen RHP Texas Southern
1299 Forty-Three Jacob Hower RHP American River
1328 FortyForty Nicholas Cobler LHP Northeast Texas
1357 Forty-Five Craig Herrforth RHP HS
1386 Forty-Six Thomas Musick LHP HS