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Matchup/Game Thread

6 - 6, 3.06 6 - 1, 2.62

Pretty good pitching matchup, I'd say, although that's what they were saying Sunday, too.

Of course, I continue to look for stats that present the 'Stros in the most favorable light, and hey! we've been pretty good the last seven days. . . .

OPS over last 7 Days
Astro Player OPS Pos. OPS Met Player
Brad Ausmus .308 C1 .714 Mike Piazza
Humberto Quintero .500 C2 .250 Ramon Castro
Lance Berkman .994 1B .297 Doug Mientkiewicz
Craig Biggio .251 2B .431 Kaz Matsui
Morgan Ensberg 1.131 3B .917 David Wright
Adam Everett 1.060 SS 1.000 Jose Reyes
Jason Lane * 1.806 OF1 1.126 Cliff Floyd
Willy Taveras 1.000 OF2 .754 Carlos Beltrán
Chris Burke .694 OF3 .623 Mike Cameron
Orlando Palmeiro .000 OF4 1.089 Victor Diaz
Roy Oswalt .000 P .667 Pedro Martinez
3 - 3 W-L over last 7 Days 4 - 2
*Leads Major League in OPS for his position over last 7 days
What say we put this road-futility stuff in the ground by taking a series from the freakin' Mets, who in a way are somewhat to blame. . . .

Somebody over at Speedy's noticed that Ensberg has more homers, more RBI's and a higher batting average than Beltrán, for one-tenth the cost, or whatever. Makes me feel a little better, but imagine if we had both.