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Off Day Notes

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Astros are off, and so am I, so I'm gonna spend the day in Days of Magic, Nights of War, which I should have started long since. But did want to get in a few notes, like:

a) Astros are no longer in last place, having been replaced in the divisional doghouse at least for the time being by the Cincinnati Reds, who very rapidly are beginning to appear as if they are to pitching what the Astros are to hitting.
They are last in the NL in team OPS against, last in team Batting average against, last in homers allowed, last in total bases allowed, and second (to the Rockies of course) in team ERA, runs allowed, and WHIP.

b) Meanwhile, it's become fashionable to point out that the Astros' pitching ain't all that lately, but our staff still leads the NL in strikeout to walk ratio, OBP against, and WHIP. Key to all those is that we have been very stingy with the walks. Not only do we lead the NL in fewest walks at 148, teams like the Cubs have 1/3 more and the Rockies have almost 80% more.

c) Since being taken out in that borderline dirty play at second by Carlos Lee, Craig Biggio is on a 2 for 23, and if not yesterday, it really cost us in the close games Friday and Saturday. With Burke so recently in that streak of three straight doubles, it may be time to sit Craig for a day or two and let Burke get a couple starts at second. . .

d) However, maybe you want to wait a day on that. As the Astros travel to New York today, their first assignment is tomorrow vs. Pedro Martinez. With Martinez being one of the few pitchers who has in the view of some metrics thrown the ball as well as Clemens, Biggio remains the Astro who has done the most against him. In 33 career at bats, Biggio has a .364 batting average and a 1.081 OPS against Martinez.