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Matchup/Thread Game 76 at Rockies

Bulldog mentality
Extremely Rockable
Roy Oswalt   Byung Kim
9 - 7, 2.70 2 - 6, 6.27

A day later, it's still about last night. ESPN is talking about the "Grand Collapse" and our "Pig Pen," while Russ Springer is telling Jose Jesus McGonickle at the Chronicle that he didn't mind throwing the gopher ball, but it was the walk to Preston Wilson that bothered him.

Which is funny, coz I'd actually thought that trying to get Wilson to swing at the high and inside ball was a fantastic idea. 1) He's a sucker for that pitch and 2) No sense letting him hit the homer.

But again, I'm not blaming Springer for this one.

Oh Well. I'm sure Clemens will catch Tim Keefe eventually.

Pretty sure, anyway.

From Smiling Tim to Scowling Roy: like Clemens, Roy Oswalt brings his own special vibe to the games he pitches, and so it's probably better that Roy is pitching today than say, Pettitte, or Wandy, or (for other reasons, as well) Backe.

Roy told Ortiz he's preparing to hunker down today and outlast Kim and whoever else the Rockies throw out there, and he doesn't seem to be worrying too much about the outstanding 2.70 ERA that could go up and away, as long as he and the Astros get the win.

Sometimes Roy can make a lot of sense, you know?

Byung Kim brings in the highest ERA so far for the Rockies, plus I'm sure that Fuentes character is just ready to give up a bunch of runs if they try him again, so another 11 - 6 game might very well be in store.