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Matchup/ Thread Game # 75 at Rockies

Rogér Clemens   Jason Jennings
6 - 3, 1.51 4 - 8, 5.64

So I guess if we were spoiled, no-class Northeasterners, we could say something like the Astros are Jamey Wright's daddy or something, but Texans, while prone to electing a crooked politican or two, are much more polite than your average subject of the Evil Empire, or citizen of the Red Sox Nation.

So we'll simply say that we wish Jamey Wright the best of luck. Just not against us.

Speaking of the emotional inclinations of Texans, I wonder if Roger is at all bothered by his impending assignment at Coors Field? Although he has the high 5.59 ERA in two starts at Coors, and looked a little awestruck by the distance of the Raul Chavez shot last night, I have a feeling Clemens is feeling pretty good about pitching tonight against this lineup, regardless of the altitude, after what he saw Wandy do.

I know that I feel better about it.

One thing, though: I'd much rather listen to Dierk and JD than those Rockies guys again. They weren't horrible, but it bugged me how they kept calling Willy T "Tavares."

I doubt Kingery or Frazier are reading, but just in case, The Crawfish Boxes as a public service will try to set them straight: Tavares, I am ashamed to recall, were a disco-era group who had hits with numbers like "She's Gone," "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel," and a cover of the BeeGee's "More Than A Woman."

Taveras, though, is the Roadrunner.

I don't know about you, but after referencing Mike Lamb's career OPS against Jennings, I might see if I can get him a start, huh?

Maybe Palmeiro, too, use Jason to pinch hit late, if for some reason we need him.