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Matchup/ Thread Game # 72 vs. Rangers

Chris Young   Brandon Backe
6 - 4, 3.16 6 - 5, 5.06

So I think this game can be seen as a battle of competing corrections. On the one hand, you have the Texas Rangers, who come into this afternoon's game having lost five straight, but who have at no point this season lost six in a row. They have also averaged almost 5-1/2 runs a game over the span of the season, but have averaged just 2.2 over those losses.

Their pitcher, Chris Young, (who just happened to have been the recipient of the offensive ordnance when Texas beat Houston 18 - 2 last month) has, as you can see above, a 3.16 ERA for the season, but is coming off by far his worst start of the season Monday night in Anaheim.

On the other hand, you have the Houston Astros, who of course were obliterated by the Rangers in that three game series last month the final tallies for which totalled 27 runs for the Rangers and just 6 for the Astros. So of course, Houston controlled the flow of the game throughout last night, and probably could have won by five runs if they'd just been a little more cautious with their starter.

Houston comes into the game averaging 3.80 runs per game over the year, but has averaged 6 and a third runs per game over the last six, five of them wins. The Astros have won four in a row, and have (of course) at no point all year won five straight.

Pitching for Houston is Brandon Backe, who is due for a good game, after two bad ones.

We think:

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I believe I need to have a more zen-like approach to Mr. Backe's starts, and cultivate the ability to take what issues forth from his right arm as it comes, because I certainly am no damned good at anticipating the level of his performances.

For that reason, and for all the contradictory reasons explicated above, plus a few more I couldnt get to, my opinion on today's game is gonna be no opinion, other than boy, it sure would be nice to get this win.

'Coz we're gonna rock Chan Ho Park tomorrow, big time.