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Matchup Game # 69 vs. Colorado

Jamey Wright   Wandy Rodriguez
4 - 6, 5.40 2 - 3, 7.86

Spent most of my time compiling the charts listed below today, but have time for a few notes in passing:

I highly recommend Larry Dierker's column on the official dot com. Anyone who read This Ain't Brain Surgery knows that Dierker not only writes his own stuff, but is also much better than even most of those who don't use the ghostwriters. His column today is one of the best of his I've read, meandering and folksy, lulling you to sleep almost, until all of a sudden he drives home his point very forcefully and very gracefully. Wish I could write like that.

Went back and reviewed what the Astros did in terms of the bases on balls last night after writing about almost nothing but yesterday, and saw that if the Astros didn't distinguish themselves in that department, neither did they embarass the club. Although they were taken by the usual suspects, the Astros took five walks, and that was (rounded up) what Colorado had averaged per game coming in. Still room for improvement, especially with Jennings pitching tomorrow. . . .

After pitching shutout ball through five, Fernando Nieve gave up three in the sixth and lost his start for the Express Monday. A leadoff solo shot to lead off the sixth must have unnerved him. He gave up 3 runs on 9 hits, with the one home run.