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After Wednesday's game, the Astros designated Raul Chavez for assignment, and brought up Humberto Quintero. Chavez must be traded, released or sent to the minors within 10 days.

Quintero, when acquired for Tim Redding from San Diego earlier this year, was explained to Astros fans as basically a younger Chavez--very good defense but with questions about his bat.  However, he was hitting close to .300 at Round Rock at the time of the callup.  

After a decent start, Chavez had dropped to .203 with last night's 0 for 2.
Always had a soft spot for Chavez; he spent many years in the Astros' minor league system beginning at Burlington of the Midwest League in 1991; this stint that now may be ending actually was his second with the organization, and began in 2000.