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Game Hero 27 - 38

Morgan Ensberg
  • He gets more of these than anyone else, it seems
  • Only player with two hits
  • Only player with two runs
  • One of two (Everett) with two ribbies
  • 16th homer, as many as Albert Pujols

A lot of Astros played well tonight. Clemens was gutsy, Berkman and Everett had big RBI's early, and Bruntlett contributed by homering, stealing a base (and catching the biggest fly ball). But Ensberg is obviously the team MVP so far, and he trumped the rest again tonight.

Pretty sweet win, and I'm not gonna say anything about "only the Royals," or whatever. KC had won five in a row coming in, including a sweep of the Dodgers. And don't forget they swept the Yankees earlier, too.

This reverses the bad mojo we'd picked up in Baltimore and, hopefully, sets Roger up for a nice win streak.